Comedic Game Writer

Location: San Francisco, potentially can work remote
Position: Exact title and compensation are dependent on experience level


I know what you're thinking,

"Another game developer?  Yay… more F2P clones that monetize the worst aspects of human nature.  We need another one of those like San Francisco needs another car hailing app"

Actually, we invest into storytellers who create amazing games. We are 10 folks total and we’re crafting 5 franchises already. While each feels pretty different, ranging from Sherlock Holmes recreated as a middle school nerd to tall tales of an "Indiana Jones of the Sea”, what they have in common is none of them end in -Ville, -Clans, -Crush, -War, or -Casino.

The question you have to ask yourself is: do you want to work on sweet, sweet tech that enables stories worth telling? Or do you want to slave away on yet another farming simulator, online slot machine, or PvP clone?

About You

Do you miss the humor found in old Sierra or LucasArts adventure games?  Have you memorized more quotes from Minsc in Baldur's Gate than you'd like to admit?  Did you secretly wish you could write all of the post-apocalyptic holodisk guides in Fallout?  We might have the dream job for you.  Being at an indie studio, we're not afraid of going off the beaten path with our games.  One of our first titles, Nerd Detective, features Sherlock Holmes recreating as a middle school nerd, solving nerd crimes.  Mint condition comic book collection gone missing? Call Carlton. Autographed dungeon master’s manual stolen? Call Carlton. Whenever crime spins its web around the nerds of Cod Lake, Carlton Honeycutt is there to untangle it. So cinch up your bag of dice, stash your comic collection, and grab your spectacles.  The game is afoot!

Your Responsibilities

  • Dialog: Creating dialog that makes people laugh and not skip to get to combat
  • Narrative Design: Step by step creation of quests and how they tie to the existing story, world, and characters
  • Story Bible: Ideation of interesting characters, backstories, worlds, and story seeds

Your Skills

  • You must play video games and understand interactive storytelling
  • College degree in screenwriting, creative writing, or similar
  • 5+ years of professional writing experience, at least ONE in interactive
  • Ability to elicit player emotion and express complex topics in concise language
  • Ability to write punchy and engrossing dialog in different voices
  • Bonus points for comic book or episodic television experience and ability to write for the camera
  • You MUST have shipped at least 1 game

Application Details

  • Contract position can be remote, however, full-time position if offered is located in SOMA district of SF (close to Bart, Muni and Caltrain)
  • Market salary, way above market revenue share, equity and full healthcare/dental/vision benefits
  • Please send us ONE pdf with resume + cover letter to No writing samples and word docs. Pro-Tip: Make us laugh; we're not big on formalilty