Concept Artist

Location: San Francisco
Position: Exact title and compensation are dependent on experience level

About Us

I know what you're thinking,

"Another game developer?  Yay… more F2P clones that monetize the worst aspects of human nature.  We need another one of those like San Francisco needs another car hailing app"

Actually, we invest into storytellers who create amazing games. We are 10 folks total and we’re crafting 5 franchises already. While each feels pretty different, ranging from Sherlock Holmes recreated as a middle school nerd to tall tales of an "Indiana Jones of the Sea”, what they have in common is none of them end in -Ville, -Clans, -Crush, -War, or -Casino.

The question you have to ask yourself is: do you want to work on sweet, sweet tech that enables stories worth telling? Or do you want to slave away on yet another farming simulator, online slot machine, or PvP clone?

About You

You hate when people ask you if you like working on environments, characters, or storyboards more because the answer is "d) All of the above!" In fact, you like working on all aspects of visual development.  FableLabs believes that great visual storytellers can tell a story without a single line of text. We're looking for storytellers who use visuals to lead viewers towards an idea, not folks who can only make pretty visuals. You must be able to rapidly produce sketches, storyboard ideas with our writers, and coordinate with other artists to turn them into 3d digital production art for our games. Occasionally you'll put your illustrator hat on and paint beautiful key story beats. We expect you to direct yourself but if there's interest, you'll collaborate with other concept artists in exploring ideas. Your worlds and characters will not be confined to games; you’ll see them in movies, television, books, and toys.

Your Responsibilities

  • You will own ALL visuals that touch players
  • Fleshing out the visuals of our games; environments, characters, props, and UI elements
  • Storyboard major elements of our game in collaboration with our writers
  • Architect and streamline content pipelines, both internally and with contractors
  • Page through mental library of game/movie/television/comic references to find relevant existing ideas to combine with new ones in novel ways
  • Occasionally taking rough concepts and turning into polished production splash pieces  

Your Skills

  • 5+ years of concept artist experience and ability to be self directed (your own art director)
  • Quick sketching skills are crucial for rapid iteration
  • Strong environmental concepting skills, from architecturally sound interiors to scenic landscapes
  • Appealing character design sensibilities; intuitive feel for how they will appear animated
  • Ability to work with a broad range of subjects and styles, from rendered paintings to cartoony
  • Master of Photoshop and experience with 3D software or Flash
  • High level of written and spoken English

Application Details

  • Position is located in SOMA district of SF (close to Bart, Muni and Caltrain)
  • Market salary but way above market revenue share, equity and full healthcare/dental/vision benefits
  • Please send a url to your portfolio in the body of the email to: