Full Stack Game Developer

Location: San Francisco

About Us

I know what you're thinking,

"Another game developer?  Yay… more F2P clones that monetize the worst aspects of human nature.  We need another one of those like San Francisco needs another car hailing app"

Actually, we invest into storytellers who create amazing games. We are 10 folks total and we’re crafting 5 franchises already. While each feels pretty different, ranging from Sherlock Holmes recreated as a middle school nerd to tall tales of an "Indiana Jones of the Sea”, what they have in common is none of them end in -Ville, -Clans, -Crush, -War, or -Casino.

The question you have to ask yourself is: do you want to work on sweet, sweet tech that enables stories worth telling? Or do you want to slave away on yet another farming simulator, online slot machine, or PvP clone?

About You

Specialization is for insects, generalist developers at FableLabs do a little bit of everything. We expect you to have shipped online games and touched a large variety of systems.  We're not looking for someone to mentor; we're looking for leaders who can clear the way for their colleagues.  Handled server-side scaling challenges?  Check. Combat, cinematic, navigation, crafting systems?  Piece of cake. Tools that empower the team? You've lost track of how many things you've built to help others or yourself save time. We're looking for folks that thrive when given significant responsibility, an atmosphere that stresses continuous learning and working with amazing creatives.

Your Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain scalable asynchronous backends that optimize game load time while keeping server cost down
  • Rebuilding gameplay features as robust, reusable systems
  • Content authoring tools (ALL kinds of content, not just art) that increase quality and streamline communication

Your Skills

  • 5+ years software development experience with at least 1 working with live service-based mobile/tablet/web games (MMO preferred) and Unity3D
  • Proven track record working with high load and high availability systems in shipped games
  • Proficiency with interpreted languages (C#, Java) and/or scripting languages (Python, Lua)
  • Experience with git, Amazon EC2, NoSQL (DynamoDB), and key-value pair storage solutions 
  • B.S. in Computer Science, or equivalent experience 

Application Details

  • Position is located in SOMA district of SF (close to Bart, Muni and Caltrain)
  • Market salary but way above market revenue share, equity and full healthcare/dental/vision benefits
  • Please send your resume or a url to your Linkedin to: jobs@fablelabs.com