Animator (Contract)

Location: San Francisco, on-site


I know what you're thinking,

"Another game developer?  Yay… more F2P clones that monetize the worst aspects of human nature.  We need another one of those like San Francisco needs another car hailing app"

Actually, we invest into technology that will create the next generation of storytellers. We're not pigeon-holed by genre, our internal games range from Sherlock Holmes recreated as a middle school nerd to tall tales of an "Indiana Jones of the Sea”, what they have in common is none of them end in -Ville, -Clans, -Crush, -War, or -Casino.

The world doesn't need another fantasy or sci-fi 1st-person shooter.  We think there are many more interesting stories to tell and we need a talented animator to bring these tales to life.  If your portfolio today consists of high-fantasy/sci-fi violence, and you wished it had a bit more "Miyazaki", keep reading.

About You

Our platform has thousands of characters and requires a few hundred animations. The animations you create will be accessible to millions of creatives. You'll need to balance making sure these animations bring our games to life but in a way that doesn't bankrupt our small team. We expect you to be as excited to create animations yourself and occasionally directing others to achieve similar results within Maya and Mecanim (Unity). 

Your Responsibilities / Skills

  • You own anything that moves or should move in our game
  • Good handle of user experience and how it can be enhanced through animations or effects
  • Expert in bringing characters to life in Maya (5+ years professional experience)
  • Bonus for experience with Mecanim
  • Directing other animators to create animations that fit within your style guide
  • Pairing animations with self-created vfx or guiding other vfx artists to enhance our worlds
  • Using After Effects for pre-vis or create cutscenes 

Application Details

  • This is a contract to hire position
  • Please send a url to your reel in the body of the email to: Can you show us something appealing and stylized instead of sending us "yet another fight scene"?