Interested in writing for the Tales platform?

FableLabs is building the platform for interactive storytelling. It's time we changed the way stories are created and published. We think individual creators should be able to pilot ideas, iterate off feedback/metrics, control how they monetize, and add visuals/interactivity to bring stories to life on mobile devices.

Join other veteran writers from around the world (TellTale, Ubisoft, BioWare, CoG, Episode, etc) already creating franchises on our platform. We're providing advances worth $10,000 on top of royalties and will support you with top-notch, custom artwork. Best of all, you keep the IP rights to your ideas!

Currently we're letting writers in by invitation. Please fill out a quick survey below so we can get you access. Or click here if you want to learn all the reasons you should be publishing on the Tales platform.