Why You Should Care

Imagine taking all the lessons we’ve learned in SV (agile development, analytics, automation) and applying them to the media industry, a sector still filled with opaque networks of agents/publishers/gatekeepers, massive top-down teams, and old distribution models.

If J.K. Rowling can get rejected 13 times by publishing “experts” for Harry Potter… perhaps it means we shouldn’t let the experts dictate which stories are published.

Here Are the Top 5 Reasons to Join FableLabs: 

  1. Fun: The intersection of media/technology is inherently fun; you’re not building a payment processor here.

  2. Innovative: You'll be building interactive content creation tools creatives have never seen. This is why veteran interactive writers around the world (TellTale, BioWare, Ubisoft, EA, Blizzard, PocketGems, Nexon, Choice of Games, etc) have already started creating original franchises on our platform.

  3. Impact: You’ll be the hero of writers and artists who will be able to make a sustainable living by reaching their fans directly on our platform. When they succeed in creating recognizable, hit stories that start in gaming but expand to television/film/comics, you'll smile knowing you had a integral part in bringing all of that to life.

  4. Risk: We’re early enough where you’ll have a hand putting us on the map but far enough along that we have largely solved product/market fit.

  5. Upside: What’s the value of building an interactive version of Kindle or Netflix? We’ll let you decide.

Did we mention: we're #1 on AngelList's Top 15 Rocketship Startups!

Available Positions

Full-Stack Developer (Unity)

Full-stack technologist who is comfortable working on many systems including consumer facing clients in Unity as well as tools/publishing systems for writers. Requirement: Must be familiar with Unity / AWS.

Product Manager

Cross-functional role combining all aspects of product design coupled with narrative creativity, with an eye towards scalability.

Narrative Designer or Lead Writer

Responsible for finding and green-lighting new stories by contract writers as well as improving submissions by weaving-in game mechanics and providing story editing support.

Interactive Writer (Freelance)

Pitch ideas with no limitations, receive advances/royalties for creating original franchises, and maintain ownership of your ideas. In your pajamas.

Concept Artist (Remote)

Create characters and worlds that will power thousands of stories, from the comfort of your pajamas.

What We Believe

Success should be driven by talent

Too often we see media success gated by "expert" gatekeepers.  Success should not be dictated by whom you know. Luck will always be part of the equation but great content and great storytellers should rise to the top.

Creativity should be married to data

Creatives are often told to make changes to their content by producers who are doing their best to predict market demand, which we believe to be an impossible task. We believe that creatives should have access to data and be given the choice of how they want to iterate.

Software should be reusable

How many times do we need to rewrite dialogue, branching, localization, or crafting systems? We believe developer time should be spent making libraries and tools that empower several stories.  We are inherently lazy and prefer to write something once and use it for multiple projects.

We believe in generalists

Gaming studios often create amazing products but the process is often lengthy and dehumanizing.  As projects swell in size, individual responsibility/insight declines as does passion/excitement.  We think our core team members can wear multiple hats instead of requiring they specialize in one facet.  A well rounded generalist is 10.2x more dangerous than a specialist.

Missionaries, not mercenaries

We believe in the way that great stories can change lives. We are technologist who wish to build a sustainable creation engine by starting with great stories that happen to benefit from superior economic and distribution models, not folks who piled in to make a quick buck. As such we emphasize continuous learning rather than continuous sprints and prize folks who think about the team before themselves.

We believe in leadership, not management

We believe creatives can be self-managed if provided the right environment, dashboards, and tools. Come here if you miss building something with your own 2 hands. Not the place for fancy titles and armies of reports.