Chief Technology Officer

Location: San Francisco.
Tech Stack: Unity (C#), AWS, Redshift, iOS, Python.

About Us

We all know the stereotype of the creative writer. Barista / Uber driver by day but working on scripts by night. Working for years in isolation with no feedback, networking to find agents/influencers, and praying that a publisher will find an audience for them in the rare case they get that one-shot.

FableLabs has built Tales (, a platform that allows writers to rapidly pilot episodic stories and iterate off feedback/metrics to improve performance. They can easily add visuals, choices, and persistence. Couple all this with freemium monetization and we've got stories that can be produced for less than the cost of an eBook but with the distribution potential of free-to-play mobile games.

Success shouldn’t be dictated by pure luck or who you know: good stories should rise to the top through talented storytellers... coupled with user data, iteration, modern formats, and effective monetization. 

About You

We're looking for a full stack technologist who is comfortable owning the entire tech stack, including: the interactive fiction client, content creation tools for writers/artists, and publishing systems. You'll need to be just as comfortable architecting our tech roadmap as you are willing to roll up your sleeves to get it done.

  • Technical Vision: With our big vision comes many technical challenges; we're building both a consumer facing portal AND a platform for writers. You'll need to couple the right technical architecture within business realities to strategically outmaneuver our competitors.
  • Passion for Tools: You should be interested in fiction, gaming, education, and/or how to enable authors in those industries to reach a sustainable audience.
  • Product Intuition: We don't expect you to be a product manager but you should be able to view flowcharts, mockups, and specs with a critical eye. You don't need specs to be the size of War & Peace; you're intuitive to fill in the gaps or ask questions.
  • Launch Experience: We've been testing out small ad buys to achieve product/market fit. We're at the tipping point where we are close to fully turning on the user spigot. You'll need to have experience dealing with consumer products at scale including solving challenges with user acquisition, analytics, databases, and customer support. You should know multiple approaches (along with the pros/cons) for solving each problem.
  • Languages: Our client is built on top of Unity with our backend hosted on AWS. We've published to iOS and are planning to launch on Android once we start scaling iOS.
  • Leadership: As we scale, we'll be building a technical team around you. Huge bonus points if you're able to recruit the best troops you've worked with over the years, particularly to fill gaps in our technical expertise.
  • Ownership: This isn't a role for someone looking for a stable Big-Co job. However, it is a perfect opportunity if you want be involved in all the upside/growth of an early stage startup, but with the product/fit challenge largely solved. We're funded through $6M of "seed financing" w/ a large strategic as a our lead investor. Compensation can be structured for co-founder economics.

Is this Your Dream Role?

Write to us at and include either your Linkedin url and/or resume. For bonus points make sure to name some mutual connections that would speak highly of you (here's the Linkedin of the CEO).