So, what's on tap?

We often get the question, "So what GAME are you guys working on?"  We don't believe in putting our entire team on 1 game; we believe more individual ownership creates well rounded teammates and far better products.  The games below were conceived and are being developed by the creatives at FableLabs.

Nerd Detective

Twelve year old Carlton Honeycutt is a modern-day Sherlock Holmes with a nerd twist. Mint condition comic book collection gone missing? Call Carlton. Autographed dungeon master’s manual stolen? Call Carlton. Whenever crime spins its web around the nerds of Cod Lake, Carlton Honeycutt is there to untangle it.


Tall tales in an old timey world.  Not much else we can share at the moment, stay posted!

Project RT

Too early to say anything...

Project LH

When Celeste Crowe’s plans were cut short by her untimely death, she thought things couldn’t get any worse. But when her daughter Fiona’s spirit appeared in the afterlife, it left her with only one choice -- descend into the hellish realm of the Labyrinth and get her out. The damned souls of the Labyrinth and ancient beings of the Library will hammer her resolve, but in thousands of years, no one has seen a spirit as determined as Celeste’s.

  • Explore two bizarre twin realms, one filled with the obsessive dead and one filled by lost souls whose only desire is to prey on each other
  • Enter the memories of the damned and pull out their most treasured objects from civilizations all over the world -- then redeem their spirits or turn against them in the soul-eat-soul world of the Labyrinth
  • Shape the world and its inhabitants as you decide to forgive those who trespass against you or condemn them to a fate literally worse than death

Project Mysteria

My dearest child.  If you're reading this, I'm either dead... or worse, in the hands of my enemies.

A father's last letter to his child.  A shadow pendant of a beautiful woman.  Secret societies investigating the father's research. The world of Mysteria is filled with surprises and fans will need to uncover clues from the past to solve the disappearance of their father.