Product Manager

(Position is located in Financial District of San Francisco)

We're building a platform for interactive storytelling. It's time we changed the way stories are created and published. We think individual creators should be able to pilot ideas, iterate off feedback/metrics, control how they monetize, and add visuals/interactivity to bring stories to life on mobile devices.

We're looking for someone comfortable in a dual-class role: creative enough to advise and green-light narrative pitches but technical enough to balance and debug interactive scripts. You'll need to be detail oriented enough to solve immediate design/pipeline issues but forward looking enough to design the right processes/tools to prevent these issues from happening again. We believe the best product managers are able to come up with alternative scenarios and be able to discuss the tradeoffs of each approach. Along the path you'll be critical in building relationships with established writers as well as helping emerging ones find their audience.

  • Publishing: Greenlight and provide high level feedback on story submissions.
  • Agency: Cultivate new and established authors with commercial appeal to create on our platform.
  • Design: Be a champion for solving writer pain points so we can continue to improve our platform and processes. You'll often need to communicate through flowcharts, wireframes, and spreadsheets.
  • Scripting: Improve narratives by adding game-like interaction, visuals, or premium content.
  • Balancing: Use analytics to ensure our stories provide a great user experience whilst providing a fair revenue share to the creators.

"Ahem, you guys are asking for 5 jobs in 1!"

Yep. You'll be splitting responsibilities with one of the founders in our first ever product hire. We don't expect folks applying to have all of these skills, but we do want you to have the desire to learn it all. Please fill out a quick survey (below) so we can have a more in depth discussion later.