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You're the hero of our story

We've been waiting for you Wordsmith! The world can't survive without stories and lately we haven't heard yours.

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Challenges For Traditional Writers

  • No Data: Writers work for years without data and feedback.
  • Distribution: Traditional distribution is on its last legs with only a few powerful gatekeepers left. No shortage of agencies promising to connect to the right people but meanwhile readers are migrating to other forms of entertainment.
  • Payment: For emerging writers, the pay-upfront model cannot compete with free-to-play (just look at the top performers in the App Store). The old model doesn't work and yet the industry hates to experiment.
  • Compensation: Even if an author manages to generate a runaway hit, their share is only 8-10% of retail price; hardly fair.
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Challenges For Interactive Writers

  • Lack of Tools: Creating interactive content requires great tools to create, edit, and visualize branching narratives.
  • Distribution: Twine and other 3rd-party tools require creatives to self-publish, which is a non-starter for folks that don't have a 5-figure advertising budget.
  • Massive Teams: Branching narratives are most often found at large AAA studios, which means most interactive writers are pigeon-holed onto small quests instead of fulfilling narratives
  • Hardcore Game Mechanics: Console games are usually bundled with complex navigation/combat mechanics that exclude a large swath of  consumers. Gaming is the only form of storytelling you can fail.

We know the path to publishing is tough!

There is another way though...

Introducing the Tales Platform!

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Find an Audience

  • Pilot new stories, both interactive and traditional episodic stories.

  • Expand successful pilots and improve poor performers with access to data.

  • Pre-release portions of your books slated for publication to build awareness and buzz.

  • Find a new mobile audience for your backlist titles.

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Add Delight

  • Mobile games combine for over 85% of app store revenues and for good reason: they're responsive, interactive, and visual.

  • Add game-like interactivity to your scripts with easy to use tools.

  • Allow multiple paths and endings, let the player create the story with you.

  • Visualize key moments in your stories.

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Distribute & MonetizE

  • Secure advances worth $10,000 to work on your dream project.

  • Improve your monetization through free-to-play economics: let 10x the readers try your stories for free initially, charging for chapters after they're bought into the narrative.

  • Receive generous revenue share for your stories, all whilst retaining control of your own IP.

  • Gain a team committed to marketing your successful projects to other channels (e.g. television, film, merchandise).


Pique your interest?

Think of us as the sidekick you need to publish your next great title. We're the Robin to your Batman, the Will to your Eleven, the Dragons to your Daenerys, the... you get the picture. Take your rightful seat at the table and let your work be heard alongside other brilliant writers.

For select writers we'll be offering financial support of $30,000-$40,000 per project.