Serverside Engineer

Location: San Francisco

About Us

I know what you're thinking,

"Another game developer?  Yay… more F2P clones that monetize the worst aspects of human nature.  We need another one of those like San Francisco needs another car hailing app"

Actually, we invest into technology that will create the next generation of storytellers. We're not pigeon-holed by genre, our internal games range from Sherlock Holmes recreated as a middle school nerd to tall tales of an "Indiana Jones of the Sea”, what they have in common is none of them end in -Ville, -Clans, -Crush, -War, or -Casino.

The question you have to ask yourself is: do you want to work on a platform that enables stories worth telling? Or do you want to slave away on yet another farming simulator, online slot machine, or PvP clone?

About You

You are part hacker and part architect.  You understand the importance of careful design and engineering, but also know when to opt for speed and quick product feedback.  You will be calm at the helm when millions of users pour in the gate because you’ve handled that kind of action before and you know what to look out for.  When Facebook, Apple, or Google release new features or changes - you may be briefly annoyed at first because you’ve been through this before - but then still get excited about identifying how the changes can open doors to more user growth potential.

Your Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain scalable backend that can ramp up and down efficiently as games go through the different stages of their product cycle.
  • Optimize game load time while keeping server cost down
  • Collect and crunch metrics collected from both game client and backend server
  • Integrate game clients and backend server with major social networks

Your Skills

  • 3+ years software development experience with at least 1 year spent working with live service-based mobile/tablet games
  • Proven track record working with high load and high availability systems
  • Expertise in Python and C# or a willingness to learn
  • Experience with git, Amazon EC2/Lambda, SQL, NoSQL
  • B.S. in Computer Science, or equivalent experience 

Application Details

  • Position is located in SOMA district of SF (close to Bart, Muni and Caltrain)
  • Top of the market salary, equity and full healthcare/dental/vision benefits
  • Please send your resume or a url to your Linkedin to: